Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will my case take?

Your case will be handled expeditiously if you and your spouse can communicate and come to an agreement on the issues. If not, then we will explore your options with you. If the disputed issues are fairly limited, both parties are willing to voluntarily exchange information pertinent to the issues and both sides agree, you can go to mediation with a paid mediator. Litigation is sometimes unavoidable. How long litigation takes depends on a number of factors such as the judge assigned to your case and the willingness of all involved to move the case forward.

How much will my case cost?

At some firms, legal fees in domestic cases can get out of hand. At the Law Office of James A. Warren, Jr., your legal fees will be based on the amount of time we spend on your case. You can expect a reasonable hourly rate and that we will not charge you for any work that is not necessary to properly prepare for your case. You can count on us to be someone you can trust to keep you informed, charge a reasonable fee and earn that fee.

Are there other costs besides fees?

Yes. If your case is filed, you will have to pay the filing fee charged by the court and any related service charges. Court reporter fees are also required if your deposition is taken throughout the course of your case. Any time spent corresponding via telephone or email with your attorney will be billed. We do not, as many firms do, charge for copies unless such a large volume is involved that it has to be outsourced. Further, we do not charge separately for long distance phone call costs or for courier fees.

What happens when a case is filed?

The court process will be explained to you up front and we will strive to keep you informed as your case progresses. We will return your phone calls. You will be copied with all relevant correspondence. We will answer your questions and will tell you how to best prepare your case for hearings and trial. The Law Office of James A. Warren, Jr. will be with you every step of the way.