Hiring a Child Support Lawyer Can Be Affordable

By Jim Warren

There’s a common perception that attorneys are expensive. Relative to many other service providers, perhaps we are.

But what we attorneys do for a living typically does merit a worthy fee, as long as we’re providing value for what you pay. It’s important for clients to know how attorneys provide their value. I’m often asked about affordability, especially in matters of tighter scope. This makes sense, as folks might expect a separation, divorce, and child custody case to take more time and thus more money.

But in matters of more limited scope, such as child support determination and enforcement, can attorneys be affordable? While the answer to this is obviously relative to your income and assets on hand, the answer from a value standpoint is certainly “yes.”

Attorneys typically charge more over time, as we become more experienced. For example, you should expect to pay a higher hourly rate and/or higher fixed fees to an experienced attorney over someone fresh out of law school. Attorneys who have practiced longer typically have learned the ins-and-outs of the applicable laws, courts, judges, fellow attorneys, and know people, and this level of expertise has tremendous value.

With regard to matters of more limited scope, while we have practiced for more than three decades here at Warren Family Law, our fees, especially in terms of value for money spent, don’t just reflect that experience. In addition to our experience factoring into our rates, you’ll also see rates that reflect our low overhead, efficiency, and our ethical approach to what constitutes a fair charge on your bill. While we litigate your case, please know that we treat your money like it’s our own.

Many of our competitors, even those with much less experience and documented success in court, charge higher fees, as they are free to do. But I welcome you to experience our approach. While we are a small firm, we are able to provide a high-touch client service experience. We pride ourselves on educating you throughout the course of your case.