Charlotte Divorce Lawyers Aren’t All the Same

By Jim Warren

People often think that lawyers, by practice area, are all the same, that we’re all interchangeable. That’s not true in any practice area, and I know it’s especially not true in the area where I practice, family law. Charlotte divorce lawyers are definitely a diverse bunch.

First, while we’re all licensed by the North Carolina Bar to serve the public, Charlotte divorce lawyers choose to focus on certain client segments. I’ve been practicing here for more than 30 years, and I see more segmentation out there than ever before. Some divorce lawyers in Charlotte focus on developing a high-net worth clientele, since the Queen City area has greater accumulated wealth than many cities across the country. These cases can be more complex and thus deliver higher billable hours. Others choose a gender-specific way of developing their practices; many advocating for women or men only.

While each attorney has the right to develop a practice as they see fit, I choose to make my services available for every situation. Everyone needs good representation, and Warren Family Law has always been there to provide it, whether you’re a wealthy professional or need your family’s help to pay the bill. Furthermore, we serve men and women equally, as we believe that our practice lends itself to the interest of both sexes.

You’ll also see differences in style. There are some who choose to take a more tender approach, while others tout their “aggressive” nature. I believe that each case is different, and for each couple the ultimate goal should be achieving a fair agreement and above all other considerations, do what’s best for their children when they have them. Sometimes, smart representation does mean being aggressive, and we’re not shrinking violets at Warren Family Law. But at other times, clear-headedness must prevail, and we must convey to our clients less aggressively-achieved outcomes that are more sensible for their long-term emotional and financial needs.

Finally, you’ll see divorce lawyers in Charlotte at various stages of their own development as sound practitioners. As lawyers, we believe that we provide better representation over time. While there are certainly exceptions to the rule, the practice of law is designed to make us better. So, the more years you have under your belt and the more cases you’ve seen through to positive outcomes for your clients, the better your performance.

Then, there are factors that determine what I like to think of as the uniqueness of each attorney, regardless of their level of experience. I’ve always prided myself on developing an encyclopedic knowledge of all aspects of my practice, focused both internally and externally. Internally, I work in collaboration with my support staff to deliver efficient processes that make it easier to educate our clients. Warren Family Law clients are never in the dark about what happens next along the journey to a separation, divorce, and determination of financial support for themselves and their children. Externally, I focus on learning as much as I can about the judges and opposing counsel practicing before the family courts. Knowing the judges and knowing my colleagues in the domestic law area, when coupled with efficient processes and education, is a recipe for client success.

As you’re looking for divorce lawyer in Charlotte, I encourage you to hire one who aligns to the values you hold. If you’re looking for smart, robust representation resulting from more than three decades serving Charlotte families, call us to make an appointment.