Child Support

 nc child support calculator

According to North Carolina child support laws, both parents are obligated to support their minor children in the event of separation and divorce. Helping Charlotte area families for more than 30 years, the people of Warren Family Law are well-versed in all areas of the law concerning child support in the state of North Carolina, including the North Carolina child support guidelines. We can offer unparalleled advice and guidance, championing your rights and those of your children throughout the process of determining the appropriate amount of child support to be paid in each case.

The North Carolina child support guidelines determine what child support will be in many, although not all, cases in the state of North Carolina. In most cases, a worksheet and table are used to determine the recommended amount of child support to be paid by one parent to the other. The following factors are taken into consideration in the calculation of child support under the NC child support guidelines (a sample NC child support calculator is available online at the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services):

·        the number of children primarily residing with each parent

·        the number of overnight stays the children spend with each parent

·        each parent’s gross income

·        health insurance premiums solely attributable to the minor child or children

·        work-related day care expenses

·        certain extraordinary expenses

It’s important that you consult a competent attorney on the issue prior to agreeing to any amount of child support with a separating spouse. Warren Family Law’s experience in the area of North Carolina child support can be of critical value in making sure you are not paying too much or receiving too little—your rights matter, and we can ensure you and your children are treated fairly in the process, no matter your situation.

We know that many questions arise during the process of determining child support here in North Carolina. Please contact us for a consultation today and get the answers you need.


How much is the average amount of child support?

According to the law in the state of North Carolina, child support shall be in such amount as is necessary to meet the reasonable needs of the child or children for their health, education, and maintenance. When the combined adjusted gross income of both parties is $25,000.00 a month or less child support will usually be calculated pursuant to the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. The factors taken into consideration in determining the amount of child support are set out above in the preceding discussion concerning child support.


When do payments terminate?

In North Carolina child support terminates when a child reaches the age of eighteen or graduates from high school, whichever event occurs last, but in no event beyond the child’s twentieth birthday. If a child is emancipated earlier than their eighteenth birthday then child support can end then under certain circumstances.


Who is responsible for child support?

In the absence of pleading and proof that the circumstances otherwise warrant, the parents are primarily liable. If the parents are minors, then their parents will share primary responsibility for the grandchild.